A subordinate or supplementary part that mainly used to firmly attach a securing to a structure, so that ropes or wire may then be tied to it. Accessories is most needed when to do the installation for fencing, netting, post and etc.

EYE BOLT An eye bolt is a bolt with a loop at one end. They are used to firmly attach a securing eye to a structure, to tie straining wire for Chain Link fencing and commonly used for fencing that using concrete post.
Size : 10mm x 150mm
PIN Use to tie straining wire for Chain Link fencing and for fencing that using Angel iron post. Once the wire attached to the Angel iron post, the end of pin should be bend, so that wire is strongly secured to the angel iron post.
Per box: 200 pieces
U-CLIPS, BOLT & NUT U-clips use to attach the WT Welded Fencing and Post. Each post at least use minimum 3 sets and maximum 8 sets depends on fencing height.
Bolt and nut are used for security purposes. To hold the support post or coner post to the main post.
FLATBAR, BOLT & NUT Flatbar, bolt & nut are using for install Anti Climb which is functional to attached two fencing that overlapped to the post.
END, MIDDLE POST COLLAR Middle & End post collar is design to be used for holding post and fence with Powder Coated finishing. Also to protect powder coated surface from scratch and damage. Each post will be set with 3 sets of it.
CONNECTOR Connector is part of Hollow Post but in a special dimension functional as connector for extend the existing post. This connector will comes in two finishing which is Hot Dipped Galvanised and Powder Coated finishing.
Dimension : 150mm (H) x 60mm (DIA)

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